About Us

NS1.Academy is presented by our team of experienced IT professionals who live and breathe DNS every day. We’ve created an easy-to-digest,  approachable, curriculum to help you master the fundamentals of DNS.

Your Instructors

Devin Bernosky - 
Lead Solutions Engineer at NS1.

A frequent contributor to technical and business publications, Devin always seeks to productively inform his audience. He's focused on network infrastructure and internet traffic management, consulting with large enterprises to aid in the design and implementation of infrastructure that's critical to application and content delivery

Carl J. Levine - 
Senior Technical Evangelist at NS1.

Carl J. Levine is the Senior Technical Evangelist for NS1. Carl brings 20+ years of experience with networking protocols to the NS1.Academy faculty, along with an uncanny gift for explaining technically complex ideas in a simple, succinct, and understandable way. When Carl isn't tinkering under the hood of the Internet, he's likely under the hood of an old Swedish car.

Jonathan Lewis - 
Vice President, Product Marketing at NS1.

Jonathan is a sought-after speaker at industry events, is often quoted in industry publications and is a favorite among NS1's webinar series presenters. His past positions include senior product management and marketing roles at Nortel and Arbor Networks. His expertise encompasses network, infrastructure and security technologies.

James McCarthy - 
Director of Solutions Engineering at NS1.

With over 10 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, James McCarthy made the move to the DNS space 6 years ago and most recently to NS1. There he helps companies implement NS1’s next-generation DNS solutions that transform DNS into a key component of the application delivery stack.